Why is Mindfulness Important for Your Workout?

Why is Mindfulness Important for Your Workout?

What is a Mindful Workout?

A mindful workout is part of the holistic approach to
physical activities. It helps you understand better what is happening in your
body and utilize the knowledge to improve your physical and mental strength.

A mindful workout is most commonly in nature, it helps you
use all senses, by leaving your headphones at home. You become aware of every
breath and the sensations in your body while doing different movements.

Mindfulness during a workout also includes being present in
the moment and aware of your thoughts, potential discomfort, and the sensations
in your feet while they touch the ground. It helps you truly experience every
second of your workout and get the most out of it.

Let’s take mindful running, for example, to describe the
benefits of mindful workouts.

How Does Mindfulness Affect Your Workout?

By being concentrated on your mind and body, mindfulness
reduces external distractions. Therefore, you are more relaxed, without
thinking about your speed, distance, personal records, etc.

By maintaining internal focus, you are ready to overcome
your limitations. But, because you are focused on the sensations in your body,
the injuries are less likely to happen. You’ll notice the signs of discomfort
and expand your limitations.

How to Do Mindfulness Running?

The first thing to remember when practicing mindful workouts
is to breathe through your nose. Mouth breathing is part of the stress-induced
changes in your breathing, so nose breathing helps you relax and get into the
right mood.

Mindfulness is all about the mind-body connection, so try to
keep the inner conversation with your body. Let go of the social expectations
and social distractions, timings, tracking devices, points, or anything
similar, which can shift your focus from internal feelings to external activities
and objects. Don’t measure time and think about the technique.

Before you start your workout, prepare for the mindful
experience. Do a quick meditation to get out of the state of stress and prepare
for the next activity. Five or ten minutes of deep breathing and mindfulness
exercises will be enough to get you in the right state of mind for your

How to Start Mindfulness Running?


Once you’ve done the prep work, it is time to engage your
focus on your sensations and mind. Start slowly and listen to your body to
adjust your pace. Check for the physical sensations as you speed up or slow

If your health and breath rate speed up, feel the warming up
in your body, the heart beating in your chest, experience every sensation in
your muscle.

Maintain that state of mind and internal focus, but try not
to think about the sensations, just feel them.

What about Your Thoughts?

Once you maintain the awareness of bodily sensations, focus
on your mind. Stop replaying situations and scenarios in your head, and use
running (or any other workout) as a time to express gratitude for your physical

If you feel like your thoughts are getting out of control,
focus on breathing. It will help you calm down in an instant and gain control
over your mindful workout.

 Don’t think about the end line, feel every step and
movement. Slowly, you’ll increase your abilities and enjoy your workouts more!

Have you ever tried mindful workouts? Did you like it?

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